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Welcome to KulturAdvantage

your partner for international personnel development

We see ourselves as intercultural detectives, seeking out potential cultural faux pas that could endanger your business relationships all over the world. We can save you the huge costs that could result from unsuccessful business encounters with other countries.


We will equip you with practical tools, so that you can work together with other cultures to reach peak performance. We will help you develop your personal compass, so that you can navigate your own way towards maximising your business success. 


Experiencing intercultural differences in a safe, controlled environment is essential to the development of "diverse thinking" free of risks. Therefore, we offer workshops and coaching, consisting of interactive exercises and role-plays, based on our extensive intercultural knowledge and experience. Throughout our training, you will be continuously encouraged to reflect on your experiences and to try out different perspectives:


  • experience-oriented
  • interactive
  • practical
  • scientifically based
  • tailor made
  • virtuell


Depending on your individual needs, an experienced trainer/coach or consultant with an appropriate cultural background and professional education will accompany you on your way to more intercultural competence.

In addition to intercultural soft skills, we also focus on your hard facts when sending secondees to or from abroad. As a global mobility consultant, we will show you what you should pay attention to in terms of tax, social security, health insurance abroad etc.

Our services

Country-specific trainings

For employees who have regular business contact with a specific country and want to make their collaboration with internal colleagues, managers, customers or suppliers more efficient and successful in the long term. Awaken your awareness of other approaches, beliefs, values, ways of working through country-specific training, intercultural consulting, intercultural coaching or global player training. We cover all countries: China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Dubai and the Gulf States, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Benelux, Great Britain, Scandinavia, India, USA and many more.

Intercultural leadership and teams

For managers who want to successfully lead foreign employees – be it virtually or in the flesh and also for team members who want to better understand their foreign superiors culturally. It is about expectations on both sides. Bookable as international leadership development, team building workshop or working in virtual teams. We cover all countries: China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Dubai and the Gulf States, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Benelux, Great Britain, Scandinavia, India, USA and many more.

expat management

For all companies that do not have their own Global Mobility department or are experiencing an acute bottleneck. Here we deal with the hard facts of an expatriation regarding labour law, social security, tax, entry requirements, etc. Our global mobility consulting is bookable on an hourly basis.
For expatriates who want to prepare themselves professionally for the cultural conditions and differences in the target country, we recommend the expatriation training. The time after an assignment is also crucial for employee retention. After all, you never come back the same way you left.

language Training

For employees who already speak business English but would like to adapt their way of speaking to the international environment. True to the motto: It’s not what you say, but how you say it! That’s why we call it global english.
For employees who want to learn or improve german as a foreign language. This is classic language training with a focus on grammar, oral and written communication in everyday and professional life.

Bookable as face-to-face training, virtual, in group form or in individual settings.