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Welcome to KulturAdvantage -

your partner for international personnel development

Intercultural Training | Intercultural Coaching | Intercultural Consulting

  • experience-oriented
  • interactive
  • practical
  • tailor made


We see ourselves as intercultural detectives, seeking out potential cultural faux pas that could endanger your business relationships all over the world. We can save you the huge costs that could result from unsuccessful business encounters with other countries.
We will equip you with practical tools, so that you can work together with other cultures to reach peak performance. We will help you develop your personal compass, so that you can navigate your own way towards maximising your business success. 

Experiencing intercultural differences in a safe, controlled environment is essential to the development of "diverse thinking" free of risks. Therefore, we offer workshops and coaching, consisting of interactive exercises and role-plays, based on our extensive intercultural knowledge and experience. Throughout our training, you will be continuously encouraged to reflect on your experiences and to try out different perspectives.


We offer inhouse training courses, ongoing coaching and open training courses for Western and Eastern European Countries, Scandinavia, Middle Eastern Countries, Asia, USA and Latin American Countries.