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Our Services for your international personnel development

Country-specific training

For employees dealing with one particular foreign nationality and needing a deep understanding of that culture. [more]



For expats who will be or are already working and living in a foreign country and want to be culturally prepared. [more]


Working in Virtual Teams

For employees working in cross-cultural virtual teams wanting to increase their efficiency on a long term basis. [more]


Teambuilding Workshop

For multicultural teams wanting to exploit their huge untapped potential, which cultural diversity can foster. [more]


Intercultural Consulting

For companies wanting to detect intercultural causes of conflict and gain an appropriate resolution strategy. [more]  

Global Player

For those dealing with several cultures and needing a broad understanding of business conduct. [more


International leadership

For managers wanting to lead their international staff successfully - be it virtually or in person. [more]


Global Business English

For employees wanting to adapt their English skills culturally and strive for a worldwide style of communication. [more


Intercultural Coaching

For individuals wanting to develop their intercultural proficiency in a 1:1 setting. [more]


Open intercultural training courses

For those wanting to learn and talk about different cultures together with people from other companies and industries. [more]