Kim-Louise Fairweather

I am passionate about the subject of “Cultural Diversity”.

Since 1995, I have been working abroad. I have gained a huge amount of experience in working with different cultures in various business and personal roles. My introduction to cultural diversity was in Barcelona Spain, where for three years I delivered Business English Training to teams and individual managers for companies ranging from pharmaceuticals to car manufacturers.

After that, for more than seven years, I worked as an international project manager in the financial services industry in Scotland, Ireland and Germany. Intercultural relationships and communications proved an exciting challenge for me in these roles….


….so much so that I set up KulturAdvantage with my business partner Iris Engler. Our goal is to sensitise customers to intercultural differences and to help them thrive in a multicultural environment. It was also a life-long ambition of mine to run my own business.


My role as an intercultural consultant is to facilitate individuals from different cultures to think outside their boundaries, reframe issues and stretch themselves to find creative solutions to intercultural problems.


I gained a BSc honours degree in Statistics from Glasgow University in 1992. In 2005, I completed an MBA with the Open University, specialising in Strategy, Creativity, Innovation and Change, International Human Resources, and International Marketing.


Besides my mother tongue, English, I also speak German and Spanish. In my spare time, I enjoy training for and running marathons because the mental and physical challenge uplifts me. If you can run a marathon, you can achieve anything!