Iris Engler

"Don't be satisfied with what is on the surface"... is my motto

I spent the first 10 years of my career as a state-certified foreign language correspondent in international companies in sales, marketing, purchasing & production planning. Secondments were a regular part of this. I was often the only German in the departments and thus permanently confronted with the challenges of foreign cultures.


After a part-time study at the Goethe-Institut Munich with the final certificate "Methodology & Didactics of Foreign Language Teaching", I started my freelance work as a language trainer for specialists, executives and board members from all over the world in 1998! Daily practice showed me that professional competence and language skills are not enough in a transnational context.


The decisive competitive advantage can only be gained through "intercultural competence". This realisation led to the founding of KulturAdvantage at the beginning of 2005, together with my British business partner Ms. Fairweather. In order to underpin my practice-oriented intercultural management know-how with scientific theories, I was certified as a "Trainer & Coach for Intercultural Competence" by the Humboldt University Berlin after a 1-year training.

My profile is complemented by 4 years of weekly participation in "Psychodrama" (further education method according to Moreno), which served my own personality development and last but not least benefits my clients, as well as participation in "Personalentwicklung System & Praxis" (IHK) to acquire a broader spectrum of instruments and methods.

Since 2013, I have continued to develop in the direction of expat management, because after all, the hard facts of an assignment also present major challenges. Through my participation in continuing education courses such as "International Mobility" at PwC and "Ausland und Entsendung kompakt" at Techniker Krankenkasse, I have been able to deepen and structure my knowledge. Continuous updates and seminars on timely topics such as Brexit, EU reporting requirements, etc. go without saying. I always keep my finger on the pulse through my global mobility consulting activities.

In the last 30 years I have experienced with countries like Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, France, UK, Ireland, Sweden, USA, Italy and Turkey exactly what my clients are talking about today.

My work is much more than a "job" - it is a contribution to effectively unleash the great potential that lies in the diversity of different countries.