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Profile Iris Engler

"Don't be satisfied with what is on the surface"... is my motto

 At the beginning of my career, I worked as a nationally-recognised foreign language correspondent for international companies in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and Production Planning. Postings abroad were part of the job. I was often the only German in a department and was therefore permanently confronted with the challenges of different cultures. I worked with people from countries such as Korea, India, Sri Lanka, France, Great Britain, the USA, Italy and Turkey for over 20 years - I have lived and breathed what my customers are experiencing today.


After studying part-time at the Goethe Institute in Munich to earn the “Methods & Didactics of Teaching Foreign Languages“ certificate, I began to work as a self-employed language teacher in 1998. I provided business language training to specialists, managers and CEOs from all over the world! Through this work, it became clear to me that expertise and knowledge of the language are not enough to ensure success in the international arena.


The deciding competitive advantage can only be achieved through ‘intercultural competence’. It was out of this realisation that KulturAdvantage was founded in early 2005, together with my British business partner, Kim-Louise Fairweather. My intercultural management know-how is tried and tested, its underpinning scientific theory ensured by my qualification as ‘Intercultural Competence Trainer & Coach’ - accredited by the Humboldt-Universität Berlin.


To round it off, for the past four years I have taken part in weekly personal development coaching “Psychodrama” at the Moreno Institute, which serves to enhance my personal skills and thus also to benefit my customers.


In my spare time, I love the martial arts and the philosophy behind them. I also enjoy Salsa dancing and I relish contact with people, as well as travelling.

My work is much more than a “job” to me – it’s a mission to unleash the unlimited potential which lies in the diversity of different countries. Join me in my mission – a consultation is free and without obligation.