Our Target Group


  • have merged with or bought a foreign company
  • are expanding into new countries
  • have international business relationships
  • are running multicultural projects
  • employ staff from different countries
  • play host to expatriates or send them abroad
  • need to reintegrate expatriates after their secondment abroad


You want:

  • Compliance with foreign requirements/regulations/laws
  • smooth, successful business relationships
  • to draw on the benefits of working in an intercultural environment
  • to maximise international knowledge transfer
  • to develop and retain your international employees
  • to avoid cultural blunders and save money


Your solution:


Your outcome:

  • reduce misunderstandings and sources of frustration
  • guarantee a higher performance level
  • calculable costs and risks associated with foreign assignments
  • ensure positive, effective business relationships
  • expand your repertoire of actions
  • use international diversity as your competitive edge
  • save huge expense by clearly reducing areas of friction
  • increase returns on your business and
  • ensure your cross-border business success in the long term