Our References

“The Global English Coaching has really broadened my understanding of other cultures and provided my with various tips and tricks on how to communicate more effectively on an international basis. Completely practical, individually tailored to my needs and also a perfect fit on a personal level. Many thanks to Iris Engler who made this all happen.”
O. Malis, Global Product Manager, Invesco D-Frankfurt


"You really understand what you’re doing. That’s why I recommended you to other members of the Executive."

S. Friend, Chief Executive, Heidelberger Leben, Germany


"Kim-Louise provided me with invaluable support to gain a deeper understanding of how to communicate and interact more effectively with colleagues at our Dutch parent company."

Colin Price, Head of Strategy & Communication, ACCBank IRL- Dublin


"Our USA training course took place at a weekend. On behalf of all 10 participants I can say: Every single minute was really worthwhile. The content was tailored to our needs and delivered in a varied, technically competent and refreshingly humorous way."

R. Schmitt, Head of Service, A. Bäumer GmbH D-Freudenberg


“Juliane Bier has moderated intercultural workshops for our organisation with our international colleagues. She was able to bring together people of different cultures and set up a framework for a very successful co-operation“.

Sriram,  Robert Bosch, IN-Bangalore


"The intercultural training from KulturAdvantage has confirmed exactly what I have always felt in the German/French business setting. Now I can get to grips with it better."

S. Schlösser, Managing Director, Schlösser Architecture F-Paris


"Since 1999 Iris has been training all our expats from Great Britain and Ireland with a great deal of competence, empathy and humour."

A. McLaren, Operations Director, Standard Life D-Frankfurt/M.


"Thank you very much Ms Engler! Your uncomplicated manner and professionalism are reason enough for us and our customers to work together with KulturAdvantage."

B. Fleshman, Managing Director, Donath Relocation D-Königstein


"The biggest challenge for me was delivering official presentations and speeches to audiences of up to 3,000 people. KulturAdvantage made sure that the style and content of these matched my personality and foreign language ability, and were also appropriate for the audience. As a result I was able to master these situations with a much increased level of confidence."

P. Cooper, Head of Customer Services, Clerical Medical NL- Maastricht


"For all our Indian Specialists, KulturAdvantage has been delivering an Integration Program, putting the German Language into its cultural context, through practical usage. Exam Certification made this All-in-Service complete"

V. Narashimhan, Regional Director, HCL GmbH D-Eschborn


"KulturAdvantage accomplished our theme night 'Intercultural competence' – using the example of CHINA and I must say: Ms Engler was simply great."

H. Renner, Chairman, Deutsch-Chinesischer Wirtschaftsverein D-Frankfurt/M.


"The open training “understanding Asia” was great fun and wet my appetite for more. It was an interactive and clear experience of China’s cultural particularities. Even though it is not possible to cover everything in one day, it has given me a perspective for dealing appropriately with my Asian colleagues."

H. Mascus, International Mobility Manager, Ernst & Young D-Eschborn


"Supposedly easy questions, hard facts and a very entertaining game generated deep pondering, a lot of good laughs and definitely some sustainable penny dropping moments!"

Shau Chung Shin, Art Director, PINKYELLOW visual identity D-Frankfurt/M.


"The Germany versus France training was really fun, very creative and enlightening. I learned a lot. It's definitely worth doing it."

S. Roussi, Managing Director, Centre Langue Francaise D-Magdeburg


"The Dubai and Gulf states Training was practical and interesting. Thanks to the competent trainer, everything we learned is really useful for working together with the Arab world."

F. Kaufmann, Global Services, Brocade D-Hannover


„The open training course „German-British communication“ was adapted to real business life situations and was very exciting. A real innovative training concept that I will definitely recommend to others”.

Joachim Klipstein, Sales director, Postbank D-Mainz


"The coaching was extremely helpful and opened my eyes to the subtilties of other cultures. We will definatley be taking on board some essential suggestions. The training highlighted the behaviour of different cultures and how we could consider these in order to develop successful business relationships within Europe."

M. Niemann, European Manager, Lydall D-Meinerzhagen


"The open training course "Understanding Asia" was incredibly useful. I was immediately able to put the training into practice during my business trip to China the week after. I will never forget your video material. Understanding the principle of "face", that's half the battle"

D. Müller, degreed engineer plastics technology, Simona AG D-Kirn


"The Expat Pre-Training gave ma a very good insight into the Japanese way of thinking and behaviour. This will help me a lot to foster a mutual understanding which will lead to a successful German/Japanese collaboration"

T. Geiger, Team Manager, Cirquent D- Frankfurt/M


"KulturAdvantage has worked together with us in developing a tailored programme focusing directly on students' needs . We worked well as a team in bringing together our requirements and KulturAdvantage's competence."

M. Demele, Department of Law and Economics, KHG D- Frankfurt/M.


"Creative cooperation with you is not only exceptionally successful, but also time after time such great fun.."

J. Kraemer, Chief Executive, vrs-one D-Frankfurt/M.