Why us?

Bi-cultural leadership

As we come from different cultures, we live our business ideas each day afresh.


Real-life experience

We can show you the path to achieving successful intercultural relationships, as we and our team have already survived and thrived in many different roles in various cultures. We have over 20 years international business experience in Finance, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, HR and Project Management, which has strengthened us for this responsible and sensitive task.



We are passionate about improving intercultural relationships. We are driven by our belief that intercultural interaction enriches life and we are truly motivated by seeing you realise your potential.


Selected, customer-focused team

We are an independent, committed team. You, our customers, are the focus of our attention. We wish to gain your trust by offering a direct and personalised service. We will work together with you to analyse your needs and meet your individual requirements. We will be responsive to your requests, throughout your intercultural journey, wherever you are.


Experience-oriented training method

Experiencing intercultural differences in a safe, controlled environment is essential to the development of "diverse thinking" free of risks. Therefore, we offer workshops and coaching, consisting of interactive exercises and role-plays, based on our extensive intercultural knowledge and experience. Throughout our training, you will be continuously encouraged to reflect on your experiences and to try out different perspectives.


  • See what was previously hidden
  • Change your perspective and discover new horizons
  • 'Go global' and gain win-win results